Germany U23 at Prague
26.06.2017 | pbt | Propagace

Germany U23 at Prague

What are plans and goals of Germany U23 for PBW 2017?

We asked Tom Gillespie, Head Coach, several questions about his team

Why is G U23 comming to PBW?

"This tournament will serve as our main group preparation and final selection for the European Championships."

What are team plans/goals for PBW?

"We want to play good baseball for the fans of PBW, and hope to win every time we play. We expect to leave improved from the strong competition, with a better idea of our identity as a team."

Is G U23 team selected for first time ever?

"The first time a Germany U23 team was selected was last October. This will be the first U23 tournament for many of the players and staff."

What were previous results of the team?

"The team finished 2nd in the Trofeu International Cuitat de Barcelona."

What are plans/goals for EC U23?

"We will select a team that will represent Germany with pride. It will be a challenging tournament with many strong teams, but we enter with the expectation to compete for a championship."

And for our readers, here is short personal baseball introduction of Tom Gillespie:

Tom Gillespie is originally from Iowa, USA and lives in Hamburg, Germany. He´s currently the head coach of the Germany U18 and U23 national teams. He worked as a coach and administrator for MLB International for 11 years, helping developing baseball in Europe and Africa. Gillespie leads Play Global!, a foundation to support baseball development in places of conflict. He has also scouted for the Pittsburgh Pirates since 2011....



PBW 2019

38th annual Prague Baseball Week dates will be June 25 - 29, 2019


Most valuable player of the tournament is Martin Mužík from Czech Republic