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Ryan Johnson wins Homerun derby
03.10.2020 | čba | Propagace

Ryan Johnson wins Homerun derby

Traditional Prague Baseball Week homerun derby took place on Friday. What was new was a two-minute time limit, when hitters should have hit as much homeruns as possible. Each batter had his own pitcher and could have had a break for 30 seconds.

Czech national team was represented by Marek Chlup, Eagles Prague player and finalist from All Star Game 2020 in Hluboka nad Vltavou. Prague Selection chose Kotlarka Prague player Matej Sucha. Ryan Johnson represented Internationals Stars and Russian national team had Geidys Soler as a hitter.

Matej Sucha started and despite nice hits he did not manage to hit over the fence. Geidys Solter from Russia was more successful with his two homeruns. European champion U23 Marek Chlup, who knows the field very well, took this advantage and hit 3 homeruns. Last hitter Ryan Johnson had 3 homeruns as well. Both Chlup and Johnson advanced to the final round.

Chlup started and added 3 more homeruns to his score. The same number of hits over the fence repeated Johnson so there must have been another round. Time limit was shortened to one minute without break. In this last round Chlup did not succeed. “I did not hit the balls as I wanted and a lot of my hits were blown away by the wind. It was again physically demanding, as it was in Hluboka, but it was better for sure. I just switched off my head and hit,” said Marek Chlup. Ryan Johnson had to hit only one homerun if he wanted to win and he was successful. As a winner he was awarded with a prize for the 2020 Prague Baseball Week homerun derby – Rawlings bat. “It was big fun. I have never played a homerun derby like that. It was very intensive and physically hard. I was not satisfied with my performance in the first final round so I had to change something. I turned my cap and I did it!” commented happy winner of homerun derby 2020.



MVP 2020

Most valuable player of the Prague Baseball Week 2020 - Junior Valiente (Russia)

Russia won PBW

Russian national team defeated Czech national team 9:5